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Again, something has changed badly in opensuse 12.3

Installing opensuse 12.1 and 12.2 on my XEN DOM0 servers did work fine - with standard PC mouse in graphical mode using iLO2 remote console for HP DL 385-G2 and G5. I need the vnc-X11 server environment for administrating the virtual machines on all servers.

Now installing openSuse 12.3 on a DL385-G5 is really hard to follow, at the end it did failon a very simple event. Switching into graphical mode, iLO2 is freezing after any - very little - mouse movement. You have permanetly to change from "High Performance Mouse" status on and off - but permanently. And during stressed emergency work, thats impossible.

Installing opensuse 13.1 as DOM0 - graphical mode is working fine again. But with opensuse 13.1 (oct 2014 release) the xen tools - creating a new virtual machine - do not work ......

I did not find out, whats wrong with the opensuse 12.3 NET CD. Its a mess an consuming a lot of wasted time.

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